Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn Bucket List

Hi guys:),

I'm back and I'll write the next days more posts, than ever before:) And I'm looking forward to meet some exciting people and and and....

But first, I would like to talk about this cozy season, I'm really thinking, that autumn is one of the "coziest" seasons. Because if the leaves are fallen down to the earth in each color and  the cold weather starts. I'm drinking a warm cup of Chai Latte or hot chocolate (peppermint-/pumpkin spice-/my special chocolate mix:)) and watching some of my fav soaps or movies on tv. One of my traditions during the "Halloween Season" is watching "Hocus Pocus" with a peanutbutter sandwich and cup of Chai and some M&M's and fresh apples, fruits - REALLY:)

Oh I also really love to go out for a walk in our nearest park or forest and to hear each "Crunch-Sound" under my feet, which came from the autumn leafs:) I know that sounds crazy, but it shows me always: "The Autumn is here!"

Autumn poem:
When the trees their summer splendor,
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year.
(Author: Charlotte L. Riser)

Two days ago, when I was reading some of my fav blogs, I've found out on sprinkleofglitter's site, that her "blogger-friend" Marie (Blog: picklebeanbooks) wants to envolve other bloggers to this special autumn challenge - I would called this "Blogger-Autumn Bucket List Sharing Challenge":): 
(This pic is from Marie - I don't own this pic!!!!)

 What you need to know:

Each of the written words (picture:)) in white are the list of challenge items. She wants to see pictures from everyone's fav Fall drink, meal, outfit, activity, make up (Autumn inspired looks/products) and your fav autumn decor/decoration.

From Marie's blog - Hot to get involved:

1. Whenever you do one of the six things on the list, blog about it with a photo and a little explanation as to why it's your favorite. Share the recipe or info about the item.
2. Use the picture above and link it back it to this original post.
3. Let me know in the comments that you're participating and send me your post URL each time you complete an item. I'll link it in this post and we'll all be linked together!
4. You can do it all in one blog post or whenever you cross each thing off your list. Your blog will be linked with each item you complete!
5. Pink the picture above so others can join in on the link up as well.

NOT a blogger? It's ok!
You can post your pics in the GABI FB page, your youtube channel or twitter account! Simple as that!

NOTE: All pic's need to be completed by November 30th!!!!


My first two points on my "Autumn List Challenge" are "Drink" & "Activity". As I've mentioned above, I really like to walk through a "Crunchy-Leave" way and so I've made (this monday!!!!) some pic's at our local park, see the lovely ducks and the nice way to walk:):

(All pic's are made by myself!!!!)

And if I'm not drinking tea (what I'm doing ALWAYS:)) I usually drink water, but now I've found out (during I was watching some youtube videos) that an alcohol-free "Apple Cider" will be the perfect magic cup for a cold autumn evening. Here you'll see my first "own-cooked" Apple Cider (and I promise you - I haven't got any helping hands:)):


What you'll need:
4 red sweet and not too soft apples (I prefer the red ones, which are not too sweet but a good combination of sweet and sour:)), 3 tablespoons of agave syrup or honey or you'll add 1/2 cup of brown sugar (I've used agave syrup), Spices - each 1 teaspoon (cinnamon, cloves, dried ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla powder), 1-2 cup of water, small cooking pot (but not too small - note that you've 4 normal sized apples:)), 1 spoon or fork (to mash the apples after they are super soft), a sieve to filter the done apple cider, 1 jar to storage your apple cider at your fridge

How to make the apple cider:
1.Wash your bought apples and peel them, after you've done this step go to the next one.
2.Before you'll cut all four apples into smaller pieces, you've to cut the apple core out.
3.Put all apple pieces into your small cooking pot and add all spices and the agave syrup/honey or brown sugar.
4.Add water and let the apple mixture cook for maybe 15 minutes.
5.It shouldn't really boil, let them only simmer and stir them with your spoon.
6.After your apples are soft, you can use a fork or a masher to mash the apples and filter your cider through the sieve (I would use a plastic ones, because your apples, could loose more vitamins by using a normal metal ones!)
7.Now you can fill it in your prepared jar and let it completely cool out, serve or you can storage the apple cider in your fridge and warm-up next day.
8.The taste, is really "warm and comfy" for my - a perfect autumn drink!!!!

Hope you've enjoyed my post about the "Autumn-List Challenge" and I'll see you soon:)



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