Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mineral hygienics

Hi guys:),

I've recieved few days ago (exactly 2 days ago:)) a really lovely package (with a Wonka Laffy Taffy banana:)) from Mineral hygienics:

What the package includes:

1 Mineral hygienics Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
1 Mineral hygienics Cool Kiss Mineral Bronzer
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish Silk Translucent
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Fair Mineral Foundation
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Fairly Light Mineral Foundation
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Light Mineral Foundation
and also their latest catalogue, product directions and an experience flyer

I was really glad, to get these chance to make a review of this awesome american natural mineral makeup products and to inform you a bit about the brand (which is also loved by makeup artists, celebrities, and other TV-people like CBS- Kate R.:)) The coverage and feeling after you've apply your natural mineral foundation and finish, bronzer from Mineral hygienics is awesome, and it really last a day long!!!!

Here you can see my first and easy "I can't wait summer" makeup idea with the Mineral hygienics natural minerals:

This is a perfect makeup idea for school, work etc. and it's really natural, I'll show you the next days more makeup ideas with this awesome mineral powders and also some christmas/winter themed makeup ideas:)

Oh if you would like to know, where I've bought this tee (it's almost one month ago:)) - from Hollister:)

Hope that you've liked this post and it would be nice if you would give me some comments, which makeup I should show you next, or what would you like to read on my blog (ideas:)) - hope that each of you will have a nice weekend and wish you all the best!


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