Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's wishes and hopes and ideas how to celebrate it!

Hi guys,

in my last post (I can't believe it  - that's the final post in 2012!!!!) I'll show you my wishes and hopes for 2013 and some ideas  - how you could celebrate it:)

(Photo Credits: Pinterest, tumblr)

"My New Year's Wish & Hope":
1. Be more self-confident 
2. Be more patient - all things need their time! 
3. Finally reach my longterm goal! - I've been waiting for soooo long 
4. Travel, travel more and explore unknown countries! 
5. Be happy about each days! 'Cause each day is worth for living and moving forward! 
6. Find your sould mate/big love:) 
7. Say "NO" less than ever and "YES" more than ever!

What are you wishes/hopes for 2013? - Let me know in your comments:)

At home we prepare all day long some fresh appetizers/fingerfood like: small open sandwiches/breads with different spreads in vegetarian and meat variations and we also drink in the evening non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and make drinks with them:) - here are some ideas for appetizers/finger food for the long, long night:

Some pretzels with chocolate and pecan nut coating for the sweet tooth or some fresh cut celery with feta cheese or cottage cheese filling and olive decoration, oh or what about fresh cut apples with peanut butter a healthier variation of sweet tooth:) A fruit sushi, macaroons or fruit kabobs, small petit fours, tacos with guacamole (oh I LOVE GUACAMOLE - it reminds me on my grandpa from Tucson/Arizona:)), bruschetta or traditional czech small open breads/sandwiches/baguettes called "Chlebicky":)

And what you should offer your guests/family - a PINKY SECCO/PROSECCO/CHAMPAGNER.

I love the packaging, but I'm not drinking alcohol!!!! I only take some small "drops each New Years Night - to clink glasses, but usually I love the non-alcoholic variation like Robby Bubble (YES I'm a Robby Bubbly drinker with 19! - the Tropic ones is my fav'!) or last I've seen, that you can buy a Rose/Pink non-alcoholic Secco too! - called LIGHT Live (but I'm not sure, whether we can buy it too in the UK or other european countries:))

And here you see our Guacamole and other "Chlebicky" and of course our drinks for this year:

These three pic's are only the first treats, but as you know the night is long, long long:) We will have more snacks but the beverage will be the same:)( I drink at the moment some grapefruit juice and other non-alcoholic drinks and I'll have my first and last alcoholic beverage at midnight - 2013!) We've bought the rose/pink brut secco from Cavas Hill (made in the lovely Espana:)) and our non-alcoholic ones is from Tesco finest Orange/Mango Spritz

I hope, that you'll have such a great New Year's Day and Night as I'll and wish you all the best, good luck, health and success for 2013. I'll also say a big THANK YOU! to all of you, thank you soooo much for following my blog this year, hope you'll read and visit my blog the next years too:)

With this post and song "Old Lang Syne" (which I've heard firstly last year by Lea Michele from the movie New Year's Eve) I wish you all the best and a successful 2013!:

Hope to see you next year too:)!



  1. Nice post, your blog is lovely!
    Happy New Year!

  2. beautiful blog!!


  3. Happy New Year!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, yours is lovely! :)

  4. i love that at the top of your list is to be more self-confident. we all could use some of that!


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