Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sunshine 1: Annette's Beach Party


As Summer is finally here - I've though to create a brand new kind of posts - the "Sunshine" posts, which will be completely max. 30 posts! - If you would like to attend this new blogger 30-days post tag, please let me know in the comments!:) So let's begin with the first "Sunshine".

I've listen soooooooo many times the last month and this too:) - "Beach Party", "Bikini Party", "Hawaiianette" or "Back To The Beach" from Annette Funicello - who was one of the maybe most influence female actor of the 60's for teenage girls and women!:)

 (Photo Credits: Google, Pinterest - I don't own each of them!:))

I'm normally a huge 80s fan, BUT this summer just began, and I fall in love with the good old classic summer hits/songs, which she had sang so wonderful!:)

Do you wanna create your own 60s summer in your backyard/garden BUT you haven't a time machine/capsule (as this is the REALITY and not just a FAIRYTALE:)!) - Don't be confused or sad - you've the opinion to create an ultimative booming 60s summer atmosphere!

You'll just need some beauty products, which were available during this period too or vintage packaged one, a nice vintage swimwear (one piece or bikini in a 60s style), some yummy milkshakes - or what about a refreshing "Pineapple Sundae" - which could be replaced by a modern low-fat frozen yoghurt with fresh cut, dried pineapples or pineapple sauce!

Hope you've enjoyed the first tag/post of this new 30-days "Sunshine" blog tag idea:) And wish you all a lovely Saturday late afternoon!:)


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