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NIVEA MEN Sensitive Care*

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a few days later after a LOT of work and spring vac' (vacation:)) planning to NYC (YES news will continue soon!:)) - I've finally got again some magical time for blogging and for talkin'/writin' to you guys - as you're my reason for blogging!:) - Your comments really means a LOT to me!!!!!

But anyway - here I've finally received another great new products for our boyfriends, husbands or just for your brother, brother-in-law or dad's!:)

Nivea has created a brand new collection called "Nivea Men Sensitive" which should protect/care/pamper the male robust BUT sometimes quiet sensitive skin.

Did you know - that your men:) can get sensitive/irritated on different parts of his skin?! like:

57% facial skin, 45% lip skin (yes be careful while kissin'!:)), 37% under the arms, 36% whole body, 28% hand skin, 27% leg skin

Well and for that problem Nivea find the right solution and created the new Nivea Men Sensitive skin care range - which is a complete care program - which contains 0% of alcohol!

Nivea Men Sensitive Facial Skin Cream/Treatment:


The Nivea Men Sensitive Facial(skin) Cream is an extra-soft and calm, scent-neutral cream textured treatment without alcohol and will not caused a skin burning or any kind of skin irritation! It will absorb/aspirate quickly and will calm his skin with chamomile and anti-inflammatory witch hazel/hamamelis. This is a rich and intensive pampering treatment which gradually boosts skin resistance/durability without greasing!:) The skin looks healthier and more pampered!

Amount & Price: 
75 ml - approx. 9.95€

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam:

The Nivea Men Sensitive shaving foam is enriched with chamomile and as well as with anti-inflammatory witch hazel/hamamelis - which makes it extra gentle to shave the beard or moustache or even other (unimportant) hair-growth! The facial skin will be gently protected against skin irritations during the shaving and won't burn during this process - as it contains also 0% alcohol!:)

Amount & Price: 
50 ml - approx. 1.49€ 
200 ml - approx. 3.65€

Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Facial Balsam:


The Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Balsam also contains an extra-gentle formula with 0% of alcohol and pamper his facial skin really gently! It aspirates after applying on the "shave-wet" skin really quickly and it's accumulated with the combination of chamomile and as well as with anti-inflammatory witch hazel/hamamelis - which relieve the irritated skin really well and reduces any kind of redness and dry skin parts! The scent-neutral formula/texture also gradual increases the skin resistence!

Amount & Price: 
100 ml - approx. 9.45€ 

One of the official commercials for the new Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Balsam (via Nivea Men USA):

This Nivea product range special for Men created isn't really brand new BUT if you're really on a great present for one of your men in your family or even your husband/boyfriend - definitely check out the whole range, which also includes:

Nivea Men Sensitive Facial Skin Care - Hydro Gel  (50 ml - approx. 9.95€)
Nivea Men Sensitive Facial Wash Gel (100 ml - approx. 5.95€)
Nivea Men Sensitive Care Showergel (250ml - approx. 2.89€)
Nivea Men Anti-Transpirant Sensitive Protect Spray (150ml - approx. 3.59€)
Nivea Men Anti-Transpirant Sensitive Protect Roll-On (50ml - approx. 3.59€)

Just Check out your official Nivea website:
UK, AT, DE, USA, MXCA, CZ, CH, AUT, ES, PL, RU, International

This three brand new Nivea Men Sensitive products will be available in each drugstore of your choice and in some supermarkets as well from February 2014!

I hope you've found this kind of "Men Skin Protection" Post a bit interesting and see you soon!


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