Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wild City Girl OOTD - Autumn Edition*

Hi my beloved readers!;),

Long time ago my last OOTD was uploaded and as I've been busy with soooo much news and funny new things to try out, planing my further months as well as gettin' exciting about some other things at the moment and also work at my "normal" working place (well as peanuts doesn't come from alone!;)) There was no time to upload further OOTD - well I'm happy to continue with OOTD's as I adore to style myself!;)

But anyway, Tchibo has invited me (Thank you soooo much again!;)) to take part in their latest "Blog-Parade" - where I should show you 3 of their latest fashion accessoires (leather "country" ankle boots, dark brown synthetic leather handbag and a blue pattern scarf) in combination with my fav' autumn inspired fashion pieces to create a great "Wild City" look - which I simply called "Wild City Girl":

I've inspired myself on chilled autumn nights out -  like in the old american movies ("Somethings Gotta Give") or in one of my fav' TV Shows Glee - girl after school meeting her best friends or just went for a date with her man of dreams or just went for a picnic in New Hamptons and behind her the lovely sea with the sand beach!

Love that bracelet by Miss Selfridges:

The comfy and very soft baby blue/pale blue knitted jumper by ZARA matches perfectly with a pair of jeans shorts (I've used just my classic old H&M ones - BUT pale butter yellow or white would suit perfectly as well!;)). Further I've include my latest fav' sun glasses by Maui Jim & a really nice thin golden bracelet by Miss Selfridge.

Adore this leather boots by Tchibo:

 Price: approx. 60.00€

The leather ankle boots or "Wild Country" city boots* like I'd call them are to be honest my fav' piece from the "Stars of Accessoires" Tchibo limited collection! As they are very high-quality, soft leather and comfy to wear (as well without socks - pssssst;)!) and just creates this southern california style perfectly! The price is as well really a bargain!

As I'm not usually wearing scarfs - especially NOT during Spring/Summer/Autumn or even Winter (to be honest) just if it's really cold I'd need a thick knitted! That's the reason why I've created a kind of Loop with this light scarf* - to enjoy wearing it - without always thinking "well I'm wearing a scarf, hopefully the time will be soon over and I'll get the chance to remove it". The pattern is pretty, not to heavy, not leo-print (which I absolutely hate!) or too big symbols/pattern and the colors are as well pretty matching with my whole style!

  Price - Handbag: approx. 30.00€, Price - Scarf: approx. 8.00€

This middle-size, synthetic leather handbag* will be a real "multi-functional" friend of mine, my mom's as well as maybe yours!;) As you can wear it on your shoulder (Sling-Bag), on your upperarm (Handbag), you have 5 different pockets (including a secret one!) to avoid any missing pieces as well as the shade of this bag is really great as dark choc' brown suits well with each outfit!

How did you like my "Wild City Girl" OOTD* with 3 lovely pieces by Tchibo?! - Did you're such a leather ankle boot fan like me or did you prefer other kind of leather shoes during the autumn or pre-autumn time?!

I'd be sooooo happy guys about your vote on the official Tchibo Blog for my "Wild City Girl" OOTD! (BUT I'll not be angry if you won't vote for me - as everyone has another taste!:)).

The Vote starts like the selling of the "Stars of Accessoires" limited collection from 13th of August 2014 - don't forget that, if you would like to vote for me!;)

The "Stars of Accessoires" limited collection will be available from 13th of August 2014 for approx. 4 Weeks in each Tchibo store or online on their official website! 

Further information you'll see on the official Tchibo website (HERE) or on their Blog (HERE).

Wish you all a great sunny afternoon!


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