Tuesday, 28 October 2014

CARVED: IPhone 5s Case with own signature*

Hi guys,

the last days were busy as well as surprizing - one day I've received a wooden phone cover* for my golden Iphone 5s with my own "NIKA Bittner" signature by carved:

Carved started back in 2011 - where 2 of the cool guys at Carved (John & Grant) created a new business idea. They where both different as John was good in e-commerce and marketing and Grant was good as a manufacturer and prototype designer - and the combination of such creative heads made it possible to create totally new wooden phone cover brand/company - which nowadays creates also ipad and kindle covers!

Read the full story about Carved on their official "Our Story" page!

Carved Custom Redwood Iphone 5s Cover made in Elkhart/Indiana (USA)

Carved Redwood Iphone 5s Case Review:

I've choosen the custom wood case design - where you can choose between a wide range of different high-quality cases and wood types as well as your own picture/signature/sign etc.

Redwood (the wood type I've choosen) are growing in California and Oregon in the US as well as in China - these massive trees have a great and unique shade and pattern and gives each accessoires like e.g. Iphone Covers the needed 'xtra!;)

Such an individual Iphone 5s wooden case* would costs about $ 49.00 and pre-made 5s cases costs between $ 24.00 and $ 29.00 (here).

Remember Christmas isn't far away (as well as some birthdays;)) and Carved Phone Cases can be buy at their official Carved website as well as you can get more informations & photos as well as reviews on their own social media pages:

I'm happy, that I've got such a nice gift from the boys at Carved - special thanks to Darrick;)!

Wish you all a nice Tuesday and hope you've got a lovely sunny mornin' as mine was;)!


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