Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Babywell - Baby Body Oil (used as Makeup Remover)

Hi guys,

this product, which is usually used for pampering gently the sensitive skin of sweet babies - I've started using while I've stayed at home and forgot to buy a makeup remover. And guess what THIS STUFF works 100%tly - it also removes waterproof mascara (OHHHHH!):

As you may see - there's NOT much left in the bottle (as the oil is light yellowish) - that's 'cause I've used it each day/night as makeup remover and gentle face wash treatment - my facial skin is even more soft and hydrated now!;)


It's a VERY gentle baby oil (as some baby oils contains already bad stuff - which shouldn't be used even by new borns!) with almost just natural ingredients - NICE!;)

Product review:

Yeah on this picture (which isn't a pretty good one;)) it looks more translucent BUT it's really light yellow (due to chamomilla oil!) and the scent is light and delightful!

Price (which is sooooo low for such a good product!):

1.89 € (available at Bipa or Billa or Merkur)

I'm really amazed and 100%tly satisfied about this product - which I've already re-bought before I've returned to Brighton!;)

Did you've used baby oil or even this one for removing your makeup - you should definitely try it out! It's more priceable/cheaper than buying always jojoba oil or argan oil for removing your makeup!;)


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