Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My TOP 20 Country Hits

Hi guys,

busy - the last days has been VERY busy, exciting and interesting;) I've found lots nice spots in Brighton as well as I've been last Friday at Green Door Store in Brighton to listen to my buddies (Jack, George, Matt, Liam) of the great band Of Empires - and meet there some nice other music lovers and musicians (for example Alex Burey (as well his phenomenal band & Cydney;)) & Sam Jordan as well;)!

Well BUT this post should be about my top 20 Country Hits/Songs - which will stay (I'm pretty sure;)) a long time my top 20 - as they are timeless and I'm kinda a Country Girl sometimes too!;)

Tim McGraw "Meanwhile Back At Mama's

This is a song, which reminds me on warm sunny days outside in the garden and enjoying beeing with your most loved person on earth!;)

Lady Antebellum "Bartender"

Going out with my fav' friends and just hang out and have some fun;) (well NOT in this way like in the video - laugh;))

Maddie & Tae "Girl In A Country Song"

Just the Southern Flair - ya' know;)!

Kenny Chesney "American Kids"

The great voice mixed up with funky country vibes!

Scotty McCreery "Feelin' It"

So deep, sooo summer spirit, soooo ohhhh;)

Scotty McCreery "See You Tonight"

This is one of the best romantical country songs - perfect for going out with your love!;)

Joe Nichols "Sunny and 75"

Good ol' kinda country love song!;)

Keith Urban ft. Miranda Lambert "We Were Us"

A great country song about love with 2 of the most great country stars!;)

 Kacey Musgraves "Follow Your Arrow"

This is one of the most important songs for me - it changed my mind!

Shania Twain "When You Kiss Me"

The most deep romantic song by the awesome Shania - my FAV' of all country songs!;)

Tim McGraw "Everywhere"

This is great for long road trips - totally calm and deep romantic country song too!;)

Faith Hill "Mississippi Girl"

A norma girl in a BIG BIG WORLD!;)

Faith Hill "The Secret Of Life"

Wise a wise country song guys!;)

Dolly Parton "Home"

A very girly and highly positively country song as well as wise!;)

Blake Shelton "Doin' What She Likes"

Cute, romantical BUT a bit fantasy too (I don't think each boy burn the house;))

Chris Young "Who I Am with You"

A good date or valentines song too!;)

The Band Perry "Don't Let Me Be Lonely"

A deep emotional country song by the famous and awesome The Band Perry

Carrie Underwood "All-American Girl"

Such a funny country song about the cliche how an american girl should be and act

Taylor Swift "Mean"

Good old american charm, a banjo, good lyrics and great Taylor;)!

Miranda Lambert "Only Prettier"

A good 50s kinda country shouthern song about what else?!.....Love (P.S.: That was my fav' song in my sweet 17;))

So did you've listened to some of ma' fav' Top 20 Country hits yet?! - Which are your fav' Country Songs EVER EVER (you can leave a link down below in the comment box;))

Wish you all a great Tuesday afternoon.


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