Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Hi guys,

this is more a post for you, if you're almost 30 or older, a mommy, a woman in later years - just to make sure, you can use this products as well in your 20s or with 18 (I'm NOT using them - as my skin is still luckily young and healthy).

So after I've got this huge range of the latest "Cellular Perfect Skin" facial care products by Nivea - my Mum was not far from starting dancing to get further testing products for her;)!

And so the test began....

Nivea's Cellular Perfect Skin Night Essence (40ml pump bottle):  

Nivea's Cellular Perfect Skin Perfectionizing Day Facial Fluid with SPF/LSF 15 (40ml pump tube):

I asked her after 1 month how she think about each product and what has changed with the skin condition/quality (I'm always asking her to get 100% sure, that she's using them - what she usually always do - as she's pampering her face each day/night like I do!;)). 

 Nivea's Cellular Perfect Skin Day Cream with SPF/LSF 15 (50ml jar):

Well and she says, that the products are very hydrating, the skin doesn't itches or even gets dry after using and that in fact these products protects your face against deep wrinkles or that your own wrinkles gets deeper BUT DON'T think that it removes or fades away your old wrinkles or older looking skin complexion - as that would be a miracle!;)

Nivea's Cellular Perfect Skin Correcting Tinted Eye Cream (15ml pump tube):

All in all she's been positively surprised and would recommend it to women beginning with age 35 (with fine lines/wrinkles - my mum's are already deeper as she's in her 60s)!

Did someone in your family (maybe you're mommy too;)) has already tried out "Cellular Perfect Skin" range by Nivea?! - What's your result and opinion about these products?!

Wish you all a great Tuesday evening!


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