Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi guys,

yesterday (while brushing and cleansing my teeth) I've seen that I'm almost run out of one of my alltime classic traditional toothpaste (Theramed 2in1 Original - which I'm using since my early years as a teenager as well as I've used a long time Elmex!). 

So I went today out and searched for some good alternatives and found 2 fluoride free toothpastes - which are definitely healthier than my good old one as well as worth to try out guys - as every change in your life can be a good decision or?!;)

Well I'm someone - who's looking to keep the teeth as much healthy as possible (due to my childhood bad teeth experience as well as operation.....anyway) and to use a good toothbrush and toothpaste is the first step you can do for keeping your breath fresh, your gums healthy and teeth strong, shiny and good and probably white (that's a problem almost every coffee/tea lover have as well as smoker!).

The first one I've put into my basket was Optima's AloeDent (Aloe Vera + Silicia, fluoride and SLS free toothpaste) with Cool minty freshness and whitening effect.

Due to, that I've used the last weeks the Optima AloeDent Fluoride Free Mouthwash - which is VERY good and minty too - I though to give this toothpaste a try.

100ml - £ 3.93 to £ 4.09 (Infinity Foods)

That's great, that the ingredients are as well visible on the toothpaste itself!;)

The second toothpaste I've put into my basket is the Kingfisher Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Aloe Vera Tea Tree Mint - which has no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives and it's approved by the British Dental Health Foundation as well has the "Best Buy ethical consumer magazine" (HERE the list of all Best Buy products).

As soon as I've used them both for a longer time - I'll let you know in one of my further posts, how I've found them and which one is my favorite!;)

Did you've already tried out one of the toothpastes or any other from Kingfisher or Optima?!;)


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