Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Hi guys,

already a month ago I started to use this 48h boost night gel cream from Nivea, which I applied on my face and neck, including a rich portion on my eyelids. 

It is slightly perfumed with a fresh refreshing scent, which reminds me strong on citrus and cucumber.


My facial skin feels quite moisturized, after using the Nivea Urban Skin Detox 48h Moisture Boost Gel Night Cream*, doesn't freeze in the pores (like some other hydrating gel kind of facial creams, which you shouldn't use during cold winter months) and as it contains antioxidants (including green tea extract) it also prevents skin aging, which is always a plus if you're in your 20s:)!


Sunday, 10 December 2017


Hi everyone,

last week I got a brand-new exciting book for reviewing here on my blog, and while I've been reading few pages and exploring fascinating places on beautiful shoots from one of the best German Roamers (Instagramers) photographers, I though to share it with you as soon as possible:

Dumont - German Roamers* 34.90 € buy here

Most of all I adore the pictures of the German Roamers: Patrick Monatsberger (@moners) who catches perfectly wild animals and breathtaking landscapes and David Kollmann (@davidnkollman) who is great in getting the perfect lighting in each of his photographs!:)

It's an unbelievable book full of high-end breathtaking photographs, which shows the best sides and hidden places all around Germany by German Roamers - this book is for all who are travel addicts like me as well as for rainy days to dream through each page! 

For more information about German Roamers - check out:
Instagram, Youtube and their official Website

I'd give this book* 10 points out of 10:) as it's completely different to other landscape-/atlas books and travel guides. German Roamers - a great guide for locals, who are wondering what new to see in and around Germany as well as for travel addicts who are looking for some adventure:) 

If I'd not have it yet I'd put it on my Xmas-List!


Thursday, 7 December 2017


Hi guys,

I've been staying quite often at home after work.... just chillin' and especially it has got quite comfy with my new felt slippers from a brand called Adelheid.

They have a wide selection of different felt slippers for women as well as men, especially this cute "frohnatur" / "happy nature" bunny slippers* from their latest Autumn/Winter '17 collection, with its cute little tiny ears won my heart:)

If you're someone, who likes to wear sneaker socks but hate cold feet, than a pair of Adelheid's felt slippers might be the right pair of home slippers for you:) Of course they have more serious ones and also a cute cat version* of these.

Adelheid - "Frohnatur" felt slippers* 29.90 €

They aren't just comfy, warm and cute but also handmade in Germany....

....and a pair of such felt slippers (here) could be the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your nearest:)


Thursday, 30 November 2017


Hi guys,

I've been trying out some new baking tools and silicon bake wear by Tchibo, which is now out in each store. Unfortunately for a very short time (as they've been out already for about 1-2 weeks, but I've not got the time to review them yet:/) and started baking again at the coldest season of the year: late November 2017 (I used to start baking in October!!!!).

They all no matter whether the stamp cookie cutter set* or the sandwich cookie set* or the chocolate/cake molds* have cute festive patterns and came in a gorgeous metallic gold shade.

The instruction booklet for the sandwich cookies is really simple illustrated, and kinda reminds me on the typical .... you know which kind of sheets:)

I've baked simple sugar cookies (here the recipe for the sandwich cookies) and used a high-end chocolate (you can use whole dark chocolate bars, chocolate chips or special couverture chocolate) and the most important thing is to bake the cookies first let them cool out and start with filling the warm melted chocolate in each mold on the silicon sandwich cookie plate and press the cooled sugar cookie on the top. Last but not least put them for 2-3 hours in the freezer.

And than there are these cute stamp cookie cutters* from Tchibo, which came in a set with 3 different patterns. 

I guess it has been just the cookie dough I made, which has been really rich, that the patterns have slightly fade away after I baked them. If you know a really good sugar cookie recipe for such jam sandwich cookies (maybe even for "Jammie Dodgers") please feel free to leave a link below or write me a DM on Instagram.

Christmas can come soon.


Monday, 27 November 2017

dm FOOD FESTIVAL - Night @ Crowne Plaza "The Pitter" Salzburg*

Hi guys,

the weekend before the last weekend  I've been in Salzburg at the dm Food-Festival, where I met up with international bloggers, we cooked together delicious festive meals from 12 different countries, where dm is located too:) the night before Sunday I've enjoyed a night at Crowne Plaza "The Pitter" in Salzburg, where I've pampered myself with a rich moisturizing mask* (contained rose, Shea butter and natural oils) and took a bath in Alverde's foaming "Flower Rain" bath.

It has been pretty warm in my room and the bed has been incredible soft and comfy to sleep out before we took the shuttle bus at 9:30 am the following day (Sunday) to the Panzerhalle, where the dm Food Festival took its place.

The dm Alverde foaming bath "Flower Shower"* really moisturized and left an incredible soft and unique scent all over my body!:) I felt really re-vitalized and pampered after spending the night at this beautiful hotel, using dm Alverde latest cosmetic products as well as snacking around on dm bio's brand-new snacks.

I can just recommend this accommodation to everyone, who will or plan to spend some time in the beautiful city Salzburg or during festive weekends like Christmas or New Year - don't forget to check their official page out to book a trip there!:)

And especially I'd like to thank dm for inviting me as well as to offer me this incredible time in Salzburg!:)

(PR trip, contains dm bio and dm Alverde products as PR samples)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

dm FOOD FESTIVAL - Impressions*

Hi guys,

it has been just incredible to spend time with many interesting young people @ the dm international Food Festival, which took place last weekend in Salzburg. 

The location itself has been the beautiful modern Panzerhalle, which is and has been used in the past for many other interesting fairs and events and has been just perfect to create a pre-festive Christmas atmosphere while cooking delicious meals from 12 different countries all around Europe (countries where dm drugstores are located:)).

I've tried, I really did.... but the icing has been already a bit dry to apply...

besides the delicious dm bio green ice tea with tangerine and lemon grass I've enjoyed to see all the brand-new goods from herbaria:)!

The dm team has create an unforgettable work, me including the most of other lifestyle-/food bloggers and influencers won't forget this festival as it has been the kind of events you don't see often or even experience twice in your life (if you know what I mean?! - it's got its own individual uniqueness, which you won't see in that way on any other food festival!).

I got really lucky to be invited to this amazing place, where I baked fresh Czech gingerbread as well as I tried out the very first time Romanian Polenta, Austrian beet risotto and Slowenian Chocolate Pasta filled with dark chocolate (sounds not just sweet it has been damn good and sweet!).

päx food created high-end finest dried fruits (I totally love their dry pineapple pieces!:))

The workshops has been held in German and English on 12 cooking islands with 4-5 applicants on each cooking island. It really surprised me that I've been chosen for the Czech cook island as it has been a surprised until all of us got the gorgeous festive dm basket, which we filled with all the goods. I got the number 11 on the back of the heart shaped mark of my basket, and cooking island no. 11 has represented Czech Republic.

I love pickles, therefore I've been pretty excited to see the LUTZ snacking pickles....a shame I just picked one jar (as they are damn good!!!!)

After we finished cooking, we spend a long time on the "Christmas Market", where we filled up our festive baskets with different brand-new dm bio products and other branded goods.

The day flew by quite quickly and suddenly we took our way back home.

It has been a great new experience in the kitchen for a non-cook like me as well as a VERY fun and unforgettable trip to Salzburg and to spend the whole weekend with dm - I'm really thankful and therefore, I wanted to share with you most of it in this post, to show you how amazing it has been as well as to thank dm for inviting me!:)

(PR Trip - mentioned/showed products has been given to me as a PR sample, all pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated)