Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hi guys,

there are plenty of new fall collections out there, no matter whether in fashion, makeup - but we shouldn't forget about painting our nails in the latest (typical 80s inspired) shades. I though to show you the latest Jessica Nail "Street Style" pre-pack*, which contains 6 full-covering dark shades - perfect for Autumn '17:

Jessica "Street Style" Collection* - 59.00 € (at BEAUNITED)

How to apply each of these gorgeous polishes to ensure a perfect manicure for up to a week: 

1. prime your nails with 2 coats of JESSICA Custom Basecoat
2. apply 2 coats of Jessica Colour 
3. don't forget to apply 1 coat of their top coat

JESSICA Nails "Street Style" pre-pack*: 

My first fav' shade from Jessica Nails "Street Style" pre-pack* is "Luscious Leather"* a deeper juicy berry shade (somehow it also reminds me strongly on these posh leather handbags....), which is a great alternative to classic bright red nail polishes as well as it suits really pale skin types - I really enjoy to wear this shade, especially on my hands. 

And of course "Very Vinyl"* as its name already tells, it's funky and doesn't look just good on your hands but also complete your whole look while playing the DJ on your private parties;)

And at least "On The Fringe"* has won my heart, at least until new year! This dark green/grey shade can be worn to red outfits (perfect for christmas like mistletoe meets Poinsettia) - I just love this timeless vintage green shade!

This collection has left me surprised, as I've not though that almost the half of the shades inside would really look good on my pale hands as well that I would love so many shades out of one collection, as usually I get full use of just one shade and this time I already found love in 3 shades!

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift for your best friend or even yourself or already have christmas gifts in your mind - this "Street Style" pre-pack* might be the perfect one! (they really last up to 1 week on your nails before chipping and getting too flacky, if you apply them like I mentioned above!:)).


Monday, 9 October 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE - Lime & Coconut Milk Handwash*

Hi guys,

I've been using a lot hand washes the last time, and this one from the latest collection of Original Source hand washes has a creamy consistency and a rich coconut milk and fresh lime scent - a great unisex handwash, which pampers your hands quite a lot after a long working day!

During the first Autumn weeks I recognized, that my hands have become quite dry and this soap just gives the needed moisture without drying them out. It's filled in a handy 250 ml pumping bottle (which tends to run out pretty fast - as it's hard to not use it to keep your hands soooo soft after using:)).

Original Source - Lime & Coconut Milk hand wash*

All Original Source hand washes are vegan, naturally fragranced and without harsh chemicals - which allows very dry and allergic skin types to enjoy their natural soaps too!:)

As you can see I've run out quite fast.... I'll show you soon Original Source Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk hand wash* - as I got already with their foaming shower gels and this lime & coconut milk hand wash* pretty addicted!:)


Monday, 2 October 2017


Hi guys,

recently I received this magical book called  "Street Art"*, full of worldwide high-end street art, including the artist names, location of each street (wall) art, interesting facts about the artists and festival makers as well as some interviews, which might interest some of you (hidden street art fans). I've been really excited after I received this book, as it's probably THE most popular kind of art in the 21st Century!

On 224 pages you'll find 140 different and unique wall arts from all over the world. It's basically a travel guide, which also gives you information about different well known street artists (including: Faith47 or Blek Le Rat). Beside street art in London, Kopenhagen, Melbourne, Johannesburg etc. you'll also find informations about festivals like: BLOOP or Upfest.

I've already seen this modern "Marmite" wall art in London (which you can regard right after you left Kings Cross rail station), which makes the cold old brick building itself more friendly and attractive.

I'm into all kind of art, no matter whether it's music, breathtaking photographs, theatre plays, filming/acting or street art. 

This is the Creme de la Creme of all street arts you might have seen in the past on your trips through Europe, Overseas or maybe in the city where you live -it's an inspiration for all "street art newcomers" as well as for persons like me, who wants to visit unknown and unusual places around the globe spiced up with cool and unforgetable street art. Ed Bartlett, Founder of TheFutureTense Author, Creative Industries Entrepreneur and Author  (Twitter / Instagram) has combined a regular travel guide with a wide selection of different street art, festivals, backstage stories pimped up with interesting interviews between different street art artists. Honestly I've not seen something like this before.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Hi guys,

the days are shorter, it is honestly true - Autumn is here and we are more sleepy and tired than usual (well most of us, including me:)) and therefore I try to do some short power naps around the weekends to re-new my inner battery, which I need for work during week as well as for writing songs, blogging, going for walks through nice colorful parks and traveling. 

A power nap can be a part of your hygge routine as well as Hoogly tea - especially "Apple Strudel"* green tea, which has a fresh seasonal taste and calm me down after a stressful week!:) Honestly the taste of high-end green tea, with a hint of cloves and juicy apple - that's not just delicious but also reminds me strong on Mary Poppin's "Crisp Apple Strudel" & my childhood (whatever that means....:)).

 A great way to revitalize your mind with a cup of "Apple Strudel"* green tea & fight against Autumn blues!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hi guys,

today I though to share with you an outfit, which I've been wearing already almost 2 weeks ago (you can see on the length of my hair:)) but I still wanted to share it with you:

I've been wearing some of my good old Zara skinny jeans with an old H&M denim shirt and one of my latest Autumn boots - the rain boots from Tchibo (psssst still few left & available here).


Sunday, 10 September 2017


Hi guys,

it's Autumn, it's Fall but that doesn't make me sad, instead I get quite creative with me outfits and today's colorful leaves and cloudy weather inspired me to create an 80's styled British Autumn look for moody, cloudy days.

"The crispy leaves beyond my feet, I walk on by with looking in the sky & feeling so home indeed, Autumn let me always keep to inspire myself for further ideas"

Tchibo - rain boots* 29.95 € (here)

Yeah it's Autumn, and yeah I don't really like this cloudy days BUT if it's foggy and cloudy it doesn't need to keep you far away from ideas - keep up trying and doing what you love and it will keep your mind in sunny moments!



Hi guys,

I've already wrote a bit about my DIY project, which I've began during last summer (here). Now I've almost finished my white wooden vinyl storage (after cleansing the whole wooden box with Biopin's power cleaner*, applying 3 coats of Biopin white full coverage polish* & using 1 coat of Biopin priming oil*).

Their intensive power cleaner contains natural orange oil as well as jojoba oil, which isn't just gentle to your hands, soap-free but also cleanse your wooden furniture as well as wooden floors thoroughly and fast! It also has a juice citrus scent and keeps the whole environment free from harsh chemicals.

All in all I've been quite satisfied with the easy and fast application of this full coverage polish*, but I've to say, that due to its strong scent, after you've applied it on your wooden surface, you will need to paint your pieces outside or if not possible (like indoor doors, kitchen cabins etc.) with all windows wide open! It also stopped smelling after almost a month! That's the only disadvantage I've recognized, the time while it's drying is also not pretty damn long - so I would say, that this furniture polish is a quite good alternative to regular full coverage paints and polishes, but this one comes with environment friendly ingredients instead of nature killing chemicals!:)

The inner size of this wooden chest is perfect for my vinyl collection, which can luckily grow now!:)

Biopin has a wide range of different paints/polishes (for wooden, metall & other surfaces), cleaners as well as paint oils - for all of you, who are currently re-building a piece or starting a renovation or just started to build your own home and need some environment-friendly products - these are worth to try!!!!