Thursday, 27 April 2017

PONA Juice - Austrian's finest organic sparkling juices*

Hi everyone,

you maybe know me already or if you read this post and my blog for the first time you should know about me, that I prefer glass bottles instead of plastic bottles as well as I would love, if each country on earth would have bottles, which you could return to the store and which could be re-used - simply said I love glass bottles and bottles, which are made recycle friendly and to re-use (in German we say: "Pfandflaschen").


 Therefore I've just one critic point, which I'm writing here at the beginning of my review - as I really found each juice tasty and especially Valencia Orange* and Apple Ginger* very very very very delicious I'm a bit disappointed that the gorgeous glass bottles aren't re-useable!:/

I mean of course I can use them privately again and again but you can't bring them back to the store, that the brand itself could re-use them. But I can understand, as the brand itself is quite new, that maybe one day they will start to think about to re-use them (but for that the "Pfand" system in Austria would need to change a bit more).

So it's not really a critic point more an idea for the future:)

PONA Juices* are Austrian's first organic sparkling juices, I would say they are even the finest of all Austrian sparkling Juices (without a joke! - did I mentioned, that Valencia Orange* and Apple Ginger* have won my heart?!:)) . They came in simple white glass bottles (a big plus!:)) and they already offer 6 different flavours! All juices are  a combination of 60% fruit juice (without added any sugar or sweetener!) and 40 % sparkling spring water. 

They really just use unfiltered and untreated organic juices directly from the fruit and the natural spring water, which is coming from the Millst├Ątter Alpe area. Each 330ml one-way glass bottle is full of tasty & sparkling organic juice, perfect as a non-alcoholic mocktail drink (you could mix the different citrus juices or apple juices to create your individual mocktail!:)).

You can buy PONA juices* online or in different cafes/restaurants and supermarkets/groceries around Austria.


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