Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've already shown you some pic's from my vacation in Aix En Provence, from where I returned back home few days ago (well actually a week ago) and as I've received recently as well a lovely big travel handbook* from Dumont, I though to share with you a kinda "sneak peek" from the inside of this great book, full of interesting addresses in and around Aix En Provence and Cote d'Azur as well as the typical sight-seeing spots, which we all want or visited during our stay in France and a bunch of small maps as well as a big folded map inside on the back of the guide.

DUMONT Provence Cote d'Azur  Travel-Handbook/Guide* - 26.99 € (Austria), 24.99 € (Germany)

This book is huge, on about 450 pages you will find not just high-end pictures from all hot spots, small cute towns, hidden historical places as well as beaches. Unfortunately the lavender fields haven't been yet "ready", like we saw the places, where usally you see such beautiful deep purple lavender fields, but it hasn't been the month to catch them while they are most beautiful like on the picture above.

But I've seen the gorgeous port and town of Cassis, where Virginia Woolf has spent some nice summers with some friend/family and where she written on her novel (or at least I've heard so). If you are from Marseille or if you will spend some days there, Cassis is just approx. 50-60 min. away by car or what about visiting the nice beach of La Ciotat which is approx. 35 min. away (car) or the National Park of Calanques, which isn't far away too and you would see from above the Calanques the sparkling azur blue sea:) There are many opportunities not to stay a whole week in this little town but I quite felt in love with their cute market and flea markets, which are near the port.

Or what about visiting a 2000 year old bridge?! I mean 2000 years are a pretty damn long time, and the bridge looks almost like bridges from the 18th or 19th century but no this one has been already here before even all these historical castles, wars or whatever have taken place (just try to imagine, I've tried and failed!). Pond du Gard is today a world heritage monument of UNESCO, quite breathtaking, make sure to visit this magical place, it's totally worth to pay the entrance of approx. 9 €!

Avignon is located on the left bank of of thed Rhone river, its historical center has become 1995 a further world heritage of UNESCO, which includes the Palais des Papes, the cathedral and Pont Saint-Benezet. The city is mainly know for its history including the Avignon Papacy, where during the 14th century seven popes resided in Avignon and the massive conflict between them and the french crown, which has let Avignon quite bleeding (many people were killed during this time).

The Provence & Cote d'Azur - travel handbook* is not just prectical and handy (as it has the size of a regular book:)) as well as it contains a huge map on the back, which allows you to escape many more places without needing a wifi or navigation or nasty tour guide person:)!

It's available online (here) and in good sorted bookstores in Austria, Germany or Switzerland, France, Britain, Italy, Belgium and Netherland.



Hi guys,

I've been wearing the past few months almost each day over and over the same eyemakeup, or at least I've worn just the shades, which come from the "Precious Copper Eyeshadow Palette" from Catrice Cosmetics.

Over the years I've tried out so many low priced, drugstore products as well as high-end makeup brands, that I'm quite picky when it comes to the quality and price of new eyeshadow products, therefore I've been overwhelmed that this palette, which costs about approx. 5 € (unfortunately I forgot the price, which I paid in our local drugstore - it's NOT sponsored or has been given to me as a sample!).

I'm honestly overwhelmed with the pigmentation, the long-lasting and the easy blending, which creates as well a nice smoky eye look, which you will maybe wear a lot during hot summer months as well, just thinking on nice romantic evenings in a nice restaurant, with your dearest and a nice dinner, while wearing these shades on your eyes - the packaging of this palette maybe will look cheap or very easy for someone who prefer to have a nice packaging as well but the more important thing, or the most important thing  is, what is inside and the content of this palette is more a high-end eyemakeup than a drugstore quality!

So if you live somewhere, where you can buy or order Catrice Cosmetics makeup products online, I'd definitely recommend this palette, as it lasts for ages. Even after 2-3 months, where I've been using it so far, I have still not emptied any of the shades completely!

As there are further palettes in their collection, I'll keep up trying them and maybe I'll review more next time!:) - Any recommendations from you guys?!


Monday, 29 May 2017

GOLDMÄNNCHEN - SporTea Watermelon-Mint (Coldly Brewed Tea)*

Hi guys,

I've been a tea drinker for quite a while, actually since my teenage years (before I've drunk tea just while having a cold or a specific child tea) and therefore my eyes become wide and I began to jump after I received a bunch of Goldmännchen teas* a month ago.

Goldmännchen-Tee "SporTea" Watermelon-Mint* (Cold brew/Ice Tea)  - 2.99 € / packaging (includes: 20 teabags)

They've introduced a new cold brew tea selection called "SporTea", the teas are simply to prepare - you just put a tea bag of your choice into cold water (recommended are 15-20 celsius degrees so don't use ice cold water from your fridge!) and leave it for about 8 minutes to open up all its flavour. Currently you can choose between: "Kiwi-Gooseberry" or "Watermelon-Mint"*, but I'm sure, they will wide up their selection in the future (and maybe sooner, due to climate change hahahaha I'm just kidding:)).

The packaging as well as the pattern of the tea (especially the mug pattern) reminds me strongly on the colorful 60s, it is really cute. If I could, I'd just replace the plastic and instead I'd use a paper packaging but I'm afraid, that the flavour of the tea itself would fade away much easier than within their current packaging - so I'm all in all very pleased and totally in love with the retro design!

I've prepared 1 liter of iced Goldmännchen SporTea in the flavour "Watermelon-Mint"* (which I refrigerated after I prepared it like mentioned) and decorated it on the top with a slice of lemon (use organic citrus fruits, to prevend getting any pesticides inside your tea!) as well as I've added small pieces of lemon into my jug full of fresh brewed SporTea.

As it contains already Stevia you don't need any extra sweetener but you can get creative and use beside some slices of lemon also fresh lavender flowers or fresh mint, to make it even more minty than it is already!:) In fact with lemon or lime it reminds me a bit of a healthier version of Pink Lemonade, not just because of the color itself but it also tastes quite similar!


Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hi everyone,

flacky, dry and itchy skin on my hands, turning red, burn and itch again - that was in fact part of my life a while ago, almost 1 and half years - as I had a kind of eczema between my fingers. I got a special treatment / cream from my dermatologist and luckily get almost rid of it. Due to, that it's not caused from food or other allergies but simply by stress or your own sweat, you can't really avoid to return light from time to time.


Therefore I often change my hand care routine and try out different hand creams, as I've at the moment a quite good skin condition I've been really interested to try out the organic coconut hand cream* from Urtekram, which I got recently in a package.

The base is made from virgin coconut oil (organic), hyaluronic acid and hexapeptides, which helps to strengthen your nails as well as normal skin. 


All in all I would give this hand cream 8 points from 10, as it's fast absorbing but hasn't got the "watery" consistency when you apply it on your hands, it takes time to absorb, therefore more a treatment for evenings or after work (you won't a greasy keyboard or:)?!) and I absolutely love the scent of fresh coconuts, not that synthetic sh.... you sometimes get in a cosmetic product - this one actually smells really coco-deliciously!:)

Did you've ever tried the coconut hand cream organic* or another Urtekram hand cream?!



Hi guys,

Max Factor has finally created lipsticks with a velvet matte finish, which are perfect for casual day makeup looks as well as glamour night outs! I've received recently the shade 35 called "Love"* as it's a beautiful red shade, between bordeaux red and vibrant red, a good classic red shade I'd say!:)

You see, that without using the Universal Lip Liner* the lipstick like any other lipstick from any kind of brand will run a bit out from your lip line after a few time.

It has inspired me to create a very classic and little bit more victorian feminine look, which could be worn during work as well as evening - it's simple and not too much (if you know what I mean with too much....:)).

To create a bit more long-lasting finish for the Velvet Matte Lipstick*, I draw a thin line on my above/below lipline with Max Factor's Colour Elixir Universal Lip Liner, which should help to prevend, that the lipstick runs out your lipline after you've drink, eat or wear it for a couple hours.

I've tried it out and in fact it looks a bit cleaner while using the Universal Lip Liner *but it definitely would need to be re-applied after couple hours, as it's not 12h lasting!

What shade of the new Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks* have you tried out so far?! Any recommendations how to apply the Universal Lip Liner*, that it lasts longer than 5h like mine or did you've other experience with the Lip Liner?


Saturday, 27 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've been away for quite a while, started to blog again yesterday, after I've arrived on Wednesday evening from a long car trip from France. As I've been on holidays for the first time after almost 3 years! Yep, that sounds utopic and maybe not real, but of course I've been on short trips in Germany, Czech Republic or around Austria, where I grew up but I haven't done a proper holiday since few years, due to, that I've been living abroad in the UK and in Prague, where I simply had to work and to try to stay and learn as much as possible about the culture and place I've lived and stayed - there wasn't simply a time to make a long vacation somewhere around Europe (or money!). 

Now finally I made it to France, I've been driving through another part of France while I've been living in the UK and visited my family in Austria but I haven't been actually in France nor I've visited a Aix En Provence, which is a very special and unique part of France, as if you know the history, it didn't belong to France until 18th century. 

There's a blend of different cultures and history, you will find architectures from different eras, shops with their typical handmade lavender products including 100% lavender oils, cute boutiques with some vintage clothes or fancy handbags, I guess mio. of different fountains (which are all around Aix En Provence not just in the capital!) as well as delicious traditional handmade patisserie products like: Calissons (small different scented and colored almond pastry - tastes very similar to marzipan), La Tarte Tropezienne (which is a famous pastry originally from St. Tropez) or some fresh baked crispy baguettes.

Aix En Provence isn't just a great shopping town but also very green, you'll find on each corner a tree, herbs or flowers - you can almost feel how each tree breathes fresh air into the cute little streets.

We mainly bought our lunch, snacks as well as beverages in the local small markets or super marches (mainly we went to Geant Casino or Monoprix Supermarche). I was quite surprised, as I thought, that the prices will be much higher than in Austria, but most of the goods there have the same price like here - so at least in Provence the prices aren't much higher, maybe in other parts of France (think of Paris).

I'll continue to post more about our time in Aix En Provence but for now I will end up this post.

Check out the official Aix En Provence tourism page (here), if you would like to visit this beautiful place on the coast of France or if you are currently there and need more information about the public transport, restaurants and other advices.