Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've been wearing the past few months almost each day over and over the same eyemakeup, or at least I've worn just the shades, which come from the "Precious Copper Eyeshadow Palette" from Catrice Cosmetics.

Over the years I've tried out so many low priced, drugstore products as well as high-end makeup brands, that I'm quite picky when it comes to the quality and price of new eyeshadow products, therefore I've been overwhelmed that this palette, which costs about approx. 5 € (unfortunately I forgot the price, which I paid in our local drugstore - it's NOT sponsored or has been given to me as a sample!).

I'm honestly overwhelmed with the pigmentation, the long-lasting and the easy blending, which creates as well a nice smoky eye look, which you will maybe wear a lot during hot summer months as well, just thinking on nice romantic evenings in a nice restaurant, with your dearest and a nice dinner, while wearing these shades on your eyes - the packaging of this palette maybe will look cheap or very easy for someone who prefer to have a nice packaging as well but the more important thing, or the most important thing  is, what is inside and the content of this palette is more a high-end eyemakeup than a drugstore quality!

So if you live somewhere, where you can buy or order Catrice Cosmetics makeup products online, I'd definitely recommend this palette, as it lasts for ages. Even after 2-3 months, where I've been using it so far, I have still not emptied any of the shades completely!

As there are further palettes in their collection, I'll keep up trying them and maybe I'll review more next time!:) - Any recommendations from you guys?!


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