Monday, 29 May 2017

GOLDMÄNNCHEN - SporTea Watermelon-Mint (Coldly Brewed Tea)*

Hi guys,

I've been a tea drinker for quite a while, actually since my teenage years (before I've drunk tea just while having a cold or a specific child tea) and therefore my eyes become wide and I began to jump after I received a bunch of Goldmännchen teas* a month ago.

Goldmännchen-Tee "SporTea" Watermelon-Mint* (Cold brew/Ice Tea)  - 2.99 € / packaging (includes: 20 teabags)

They've introduced a new cold brew tea selection called "SporTea", the teas are simply to prepare - you just put a tea bag of your choice into cold water (recommended are 15-20 celsius degrees so don't use ice cold water from your fridge!) and leave it for about 8 minutes to open up all its flavour. Currently you can choose between: "Kiwi-Gooseberry" or "Watermelon-Mint"*, but I'm sure, they will wide up their selection in the future (and maybe sooner, due to climate change hahahaha I'm just kidding:)).

The packaging as well as the pattern of the tea (especially the mug pattern) reminds me strongly on the colorful 60s, it is really cute. If I could, I'd just replace the plastic and instead I'd use a paper packaging but I'm afraid, that the flavour of the tea itself would fade away much easier than within their current packaging - so I'm all in all very pleased and totally in love with the retro design!

I've prepared 1 liter of iced Goldmännchen SporTea in the flavour "Watermelon-Mint"* (which I refrigerated after I prepared it like mentioned) and decorated it on the top with a slice of lemon (use organic citrus fruits, to prevend getting any pesticides inside your tea!) as well as I've added small pieces of lemon into my jug full of fresh brewed SporTea.

As it contains already Stevia you don't need any extra sweetener but you can get creative and use beside some slices of lemon also fresh lavender flowers or fresh mint, to make it even more minty than it is already!:) In fact with lemon or lime it reminds me a bit of a healthier version of Pink Lemonade, not just because of the color itself but it also tastes quite similar!


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