Friday, 12 May 2017


Hi guys,

it has been quite a while, since I've posted the latest Listerine Green Tea mouthwash* on my Instagram (for everyone, who still don't know what my account name is: nika_bittner, and of course you may follow me:)) and so far I need to say, I love it! 

Basically I highly recommend the Listerine Green Tea mouthwash* to all green tea / tea drinkers (especially my best friend Kate:)), this mouthwash has a very natural green tea taste, it's not too minty (your tongue won't burn after using I swear!) and protects your teeth while creating a protective shield with twice more fluoride. 

Usually it has to be used twice a day, after brushing your teeth, but some of you maybe repeat your daily toothcare routine more often, therefore I would say, that this mouthwash is even after the 4th dental care still very gentle to your teeth! I've personally used it once 4 times a day, and that was my maximum of usage as I usually just cleanse my teeth 2-3 times per day!

What is your experience with Listerine? Did you've already tried out the Green Tea mouthwash*?


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