Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Hi everyone,

I've been recently testing out a foundation/coverage I've never used or tried out before, in fact I've known MAC* since the beginning of my own makeup lifestyle but I've never tried out any of their products until now! (hope you didn't got an heart attack, after you read the line - it's true!, I've not tried their makeup line out until yet!). 

Now let me tell you, that I've not avoid this high-end brand - no I've just waited until the whole extreme boom under us bloggers have left a bit, as I'm a person, who likes to get inspired and excited about a specific brand and their products after or before the big extreme hype left/arrive. Well I wouldn't say that the hype 'bout MAC* products left quite, but bloggers/vloggers aren't talking and writing so much about MAC like you've seen it back in 2013, which was a time, where I finally started to use makeup daily (beside blogging 'bout it!).

So let me continue finally with the MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* in the shade: NW15, which contains SPF 15 (like already mentioned in the title:)) and the color is just perfect, if you're usually wearing the shade: "ivory" or "light ivory" from other makeup brands. I wouldn't recommend this shade to a "very light"/"porcelain" skin types, just if they tend to get "ivory" during summer like me (I tend to be "porcelain" during long cold winters).

The foundation itself gives you a nice coverage, fades away dark circles as well as skin imperfections, moisturizes and gives you a nice velvet finish without looking fake, cakey or cheap. 

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* has an innovative gel-base formula, which feels quite natural on your skin, without drying it out, easy to apply and blend onto your face as well as stays after wearing it for more than a half day! (especially important for persons, who works within the media/fashion industry). 

The MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* is suitable for normal-/dry-/mature skin types and it's available in different shades. 

I know, that maybe most of you will already know about this foundation, as it's already on the market and most of you already have it or tried it out - am I right?!:) But if you've just recently discovered the MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation*, let me know below in the comments, how you find the coverage as well as how long you've been using it so far:)


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