Sunday, 14 May 2017

AFRODITE'S KITCHEN RECIPE - Fresh Tomato Soup with Orzo pasta*

Hi guys,

recently I've tried to change a bit my cooking habit, I hate cooking to be honest. Well I always been and still I'm more the baking queen and a cooking looser but I tried my best with this fresh and full of flavour tomato soup with tiny star pasta in it, which can be found in the new "Afrodite's Kitchen" cookbook*:

I've started with buying all the ingredients for this lovely soup, but as our local supermarket hasn't got the right Orzo or Kritharaki pasta - I simply switched to tiny star pasta (and hope, that I've not made anyone out from Cyprus angry! - I really will do my best to try it next time with Orzo pasta:))

Start with heating up (middle heat) the olive oil (1 tablespoon) and butter (2 tablespoons) in my fav' Le Creuset pot. Cut one and half french onion (the small ones:)) and let it get glossy within the olive oil butter mixture, while adding 1 fine shredded garlic and 1 teaspoon flour (any kind - but the fine one's the best!). 

After 1-2 Minute add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes, 2 diced fresh tomatoes, 1 teaspoon tomato paste and thyme and let it cook. After add 1 tea spoon sugar, pepper, salt and the fresh chopped basil, I've used a greek spice blend from Kotanyi (here).  If you use Orzo pasta (like mentioned in the official recipe) - you should cook the pasta in a seperated pot with water and some tiny bit of salt.

After the soup has been cooked for about 20min. and cooled (or if your blender is made for hot ingredients too - you don't have to cool it but be careful, really be careful - don't burn yourself!) put the soup in your blender and blend it smoothly. After the pasta has been cooked and your tomato soup has been blended - add the Orzo pasta in it or tiny star pasta, like I've used, and start serving.

But like in the recipe mentioned, you could give the soup a bit more creaminess by adding 40 gramms of cream or greek yoghurt (3%) or use it as a garnish like I've done:

Well so it wasn't literally the same result like on the picture as well as I've used different shaped and type of pasta but still it has remind me on a lovely sunny mediterranean afternoon somewhere in Spain, Greek or Cyprus.

Even if I've never been in Cyprus yet, I'll definitely try out more of the mouth-watering recipes inside this gorgeous cookbook called "Afrodite's Kitchen"* (printed by ZS Verlag for German speaking Countries) from Christina Loucas (Instagram, Blog) -  a food blogger from Cyprus, she knows the real hidden treasures from Cyprus kitchen!:)

Will you try this recipe out? Did you've already seen her book or did you've already got one?


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