Saturday, 27 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've been away for quite a while, started to blog again yesterday, after I've arrived on Wednesday evening from a long car trip from France. As I've been on holidays for the first time after almost 3 years! Yep, that sounds utopic and maybe not real, but of course I've been on short trips in Germany, Czech Republic or around Austria, where I grew up but I haven't done a proper holiday since few years, due to, that I've been living abroad in the UK and in Prague, where I simply had to work and to try to stay and learn as much as possible about the culture and place I've lived and stayed - there wasn't simply a time to make a long vacation somewhere around Europe (or money!). 

Now finally I made it to France, I've been driving through another part of France while I've been living in the UK and visited my family in Austria but I haven't been actually in France nor I've visited a Aix En Provence, which is a very special and unique part of France, as if you know the history, it didn't belong to France until 18th century. 

There's a blend of different cultures and history, you will find architectures from different eras, shops with their typical handmade lavender products including 100% lavender oils, cute boutiques with some vintage clothes or fancy handbags, I guess mio. of different fountains (which are all around Aix En Provence not just in the capital!) as well as delicious traditional handmade patisserie products like: Calissons (small different scented and colored almond pastry - tastes very similar to marzipan), La Tarte Tropezienne (which is a famous pastry originally from St. Tropez) or some fresh baked crispy baguettes.

Aix En Provence isn't just a great shopping town but also very green, you'll find on each corner a tree, herbs or flowers - you can almost feel how each tree breathes fresh air into the cute little streets.

We mainly bought our lunch, snacks as well as beverages in the local small markets or super marches (mainly we went to Geant Casino or Monoprix Supermarche). I was quite surprised, as I thought, that the prices will be much higher than in Austria, but most of the goods there have the same price like here - so at least in Provence the prices aren't much higher, maybe in other parts of France (think of Paris).

I'll continue to post more about our time in Aix En Provence but for now I will end up this post.

Check out the official Aix En Provence tourism page (here), if you would like to visit this beautiful place on the coast of France or if you are currently there and need more information about the public transport, restaurants and other advices.


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