Friday, 12 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently wearing a lot the "nude bouquet" eau de parfum from Zara. I know, all of us have a scent, a specific fav' perfume, which we always re-buy no matter how expensive it is. BUT there are days, where you almost run out of your fav' scent and you just wanna grab a further scent, just to save a bit more of your fav' one - and therefore this one is now a new fav' of mine!:)

Zara creates a variety of different scents for every taste. The quality of their Eau de Parfumes is pretty damn good, the scent lasts on your skin all day long and the price is not worth to think about twice to buy it!

"nude bouquet" isn't completely a flower scent it's much more powdery and classic, which shouldn't mean, that it's oldfashioned or that your grandma would like it (or maybe she would :)) - no it's more chic and just timeless.

I'm not kidding, I've recently realized, that a lot of people where asking me, what perfume I'm wearing, because they found the scent very nice - in fact even a girl from a course I recently attended told me, that each time I walked into the room, it smelled really nice there:)! So if that's not a compliment and worth to try it out?!

Zara - "nude bouquet" eau de parfum - 15.95€

I know, I know, each of us have different skin - not just skin type (which isn't important to wear the same perfume at all!) but more important each of us has a different natural body odor (like your own scent, which is coming through your pores and cells - or just skin pores, well don't know....).

Basically therefore each of us need to test a new perfume out, right onto your skin, before buying it! Usually I don't use the paper stripes, which are often seen in shops like Sephora or even at local drugstores like dm (Austrian/German) or boots (British).

Well but to come to the final point, this one lasts over 7-8 hours on myself and therefore I've bought it, as it's lasting through regular work/school hours and that's absolutely enough, as I usually re-apply it if I'm going out.

Did you've already tried this eau de parfum called "nude bouquet" out?!


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