Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hi guys,

I've tried a mio. (well maybe not a mio. but a lot) different anti-transpirants and they were gentle to my skin, they haven't caused skin irritations but some of them had no perfume, some have been fragranced but had the typical artificial scent, some had even the scent like car trees (I'm allergic to car trees!). It's quite hard to find the right anti-transpirant in the jungle of different types of deodorants and scents. That's why I still switch beside 2 types (spray and roll-on), usually I do prefer flower or powder-ish scents and honestly I've always prefered limited editions.

NIVEA "Flower Time"* anti-transpirant - 1.99€

I know, I know.... Limited Edition means limited time - means not available forever, simply said they are available just for a certain time. But maybe that's what makes it so special to me, it gives me really the needed pamper while having a long day at work or while I'm giving myself an extra time during pampering. It also gives you an idea as well as the brand itself - which scents the consumer (we) prefer and which we don't or really hate (like the scent of car tree air fresheners).

Nivea created beside the fruity "Hello Sunshine" and the fresh "Fresh Me Up" limited edition anti-transpirants a 3rd limited edition deodorant called "Flower Time!"*. It has a delighful scent, which reminds me on fresh cut flower bouquets, not the typical artificial flower scent like most anti-transpirants have and in fact it reminds me beside flowers on an high-end perfume (won't mention it). I've even worn it one day without applying my fav' perfume, and I've not felt "naked" without applying it!


After I've tried, already quite a lot of different Nivea deodorants in the past, out (my absolute favorite has been so far: 48h stress protect roll-on) I can just say, that their long-lasting anti-sweat 48h formula is incredible! But I've missed a scent like "Flower Time!"* as most of their scented deodorants have been fresh or fruity. Nivea finally created an high-end flower scent, which (I'm sure:)) some of you will totally fell in love with and will cry after it will be gone from the shelves. Limited Editions .... well sometimes it's quite a shame, that they aren't available for decades!:)


Thursday, 20 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've let you know (here in this post) about an high-end natural organic and vegan cosmetic brand founded and made in the Vienna Woods called rivelles. Today I would like to talk a bit about their "hydro lip balm"*, which is completely vegan and gives your lips the needed moisture plus it doesn't leave a unpleasant greasy feeling on your lips, which some natural lip care products do (trust me I've tried quite a lot already:)).

I found their recycling packaging, made of wooden chips, quite interesting, well it gives the lipbalm itself a good protection of dirt but as it's a natural product you should use it up by 6 months. 

rivelles "hydro lip balm"* - 12.00 €

Even if the lipbalm looks yellow in the tin, it doesn't contain bee wax and it's translucent while applying it on your lips!:) I would recommend this lipbalm even for sensitive skin types, due to, that it doesn't contains harsh chemicals and it's unscented.

A great natural lip treatment, which prevends aging of your lip skin, Raspberry seed oil leaves your lips soft, moisturized and gives them the needed elasticity to avoid deep wrinkles (well I can hardly tell at the age of 24:)) .



Hi guys,

the last days I've been really busy but still I've got time to browse and read through some of my recently fav' books, like this one from Lonely Planet called Spain* it's the ultimative travel guide for your next Spain trip! It doesn't contain just a ton (and with a ton I honestly mean a ton!:)) of different hotel, restaurant as well as sight seeing addresses but as well you'll be well informed about the history and facts of each part of Spain. 

Lonely Planet - Spain* 30.99 € (Austria) / 28.99 € (Germany)

It's definitely not just about Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia etc. it's more about the whole country itself, splitted in all parts but if you'd prefer to get more information about the specific one, I'd recommend you to use this book while having another travel guide just for the area, where you actually wanna go. But honestly, I found, that this book gives you enough informations and for more I just look on their official tourism portal (here).

Inside you'll find (on the last page) a city map including a tube/metro map of Barcelona, which you can unstitch from the book itself and use while your stay there. It honestly will save you time, from the first day in Barcelona, as you'll not have to wait in the queue to get an information about which tube you should take, after arriving, and can buy straight ahead a ticket and continue your journey to your hotel or wherever you've planned to go.

Beside a huge amount of different galleries and cultural activities you can enjoy a nice trip around and make pictures of thousands of different architectural gems like for example: Gaudi's architecture art in Barcelona.

Most of all I'd like to visit Alhambra, their architecture has something special, it truly inspired me to visit this magical place one day on a trip to Spain, it's on my list guys!:)

For all of you, who like to do more sport and adventure beside your regular sport activities, don't be afraid, that you won't find any chapter in this book about other outdoor activities - you'll find a ton of them in this book!:)


Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Hi guys,

a further Sun & Tan post, where I would like to let you know a bit more about rivelles "Hemp Protect Sun Cream*, which I've started to use last week. It is an organic natural sun cream, vegan friendly and gentle to ultra sensitive skin. It helps to calm down sun burned or irritated skin, as well as it comes with a LSF/SPF 30, perfect for light to dark skin type.

 rivelles "Hemp Protect Sun Cream"* - 19.00 €

It doesn't leave my skin oily, like other sun lotions sometimes do, I assume as it contains zinc, which avoids to leave a greasy texture (imagine all the surfer zinc creams, they all are more on the dry side) but it keeps your skin moisturized, soft and let your skin breath naturally under the sun protection.

Hemp oil helps to recover your sun burned skin as well as keeps your skin safe against fast  sun burn . It also contains vitamin E and chlorophyll, which helps to avoid wrinkles (a natural anti-aging ingredient) on your skin, fades scars as well as treats hyperpigmentation and avoids further problems with dermatitis.

The application itself is quite easy and blends really well (in compare to some other natural sun creams!) and leaves no white lines, as long as you've not to re-apply it twice or more than 3 times per day, make sure to have a shower or swim in the sea, before applying a new layer, as it would leave lines like on the pic below. It doesn't mean, that this product is lower quality, no in fact a lot of, or most of organic natural sunscreens, leaves lines, due to zinc and other natural ingredients, which doesn't blend so well like other chemical harsh ingredients. But I though to mention it, before you'd be surprised while regarding white parts on your arms or legs while sun bathing.

 (2 layers, which I re-applied after a time beeing out in the sun)

Most of you, who have sensitive skin; like me on some parts, as well as don't like perfumed products, will get in love with this rivelles "Hemp Protection Sun Cream with LSF/SPF 30"* too, as it has a very light scent, almost unrecognizable, perfect while wearing your fav' perfume.

Now to the most important part, as this and other rivelles products are handmade in Austria, they aren't currently available all around the glob but if you've friends, family or if you're currently on vacation here - you can buy this rivelles "Hemp Protection Sun Cream with LSF/SPF 30"* online at their official rivelles webstore (here) or in their official store in Linz.


Friday, 14 July 2017


Hi guys,

this is a post, I wanted to post for a pretty long time, but as I've had to visit Vienna to try some of the pages inside this pretty fun illustrated book called "Mach's in Wien/Make it in Vienna"*, it took quite a while.

It's completely illustrated by Wald + Schwert, an illustrator and graphic designer came together and created a creative book collection together with Marco Polo, one of the biggest travel guide brands in Germany/Austria as well as Switzerland.

Wald + Schwert's - "Mach's In Wien/Make it in Vienna"* 11.00 €

"Mach's In Wien/Make it in Vienna"* made my short stay in Vienna to an extraordinary experience! While waiting on the tram or enjoying a cup of delicious iced latte I have drawn inside the book and let my inner child become awake (like if it wouldn't be any other day:)) and suddently Vienna looked so magical like never before!

Beside Vienna you could go for a short trip to Berlin, Dresden & Co. to get your own creativity back, if you get a bit too serious during the last weeks or years!:) Try to never ever loose your inner child completely, it would let a huge part of you die!:)


Thursday, 13 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've re-discovered my old American Apparel minidress, which I've worn quite a lot while I was working at one of their stores, in the busiest store of all in London:)

I combined this simple look with some pair of real leather high-sandals from Marks & Spencers, which are from last year. It's very simple and one of my fav' outfit ideas for hot days out in the sun!:)

What's your fav' outfit during hot burning summer days?!


Monday, 10 July 2017


Hi guys,

today I'd like to share with you my first impressions from the official rivelles flagship store in Linz/Upper Austria, which has been opened by the mother of Nadia Rivelles, the owner and founder of rivelles.

rivelles is a vegan organic handmade cosmetic brand, founded by a young family (Nadia, her partner and their sweet little daughter) in the Vienna Woods, which reminds truly on a fairy tale.

Nadia Rivelles and her partner Mario Kiener (a photograph) moved with their little daughter , after years of travelling, to the Vienna Woods, where they bought an overgrown property, which gave them finally, beside the idyllic family home, the idea to produce vegan organic cosmetics.

rivelles  - Kids Shampoo 16.00 €

But as it's not really a fairytale, they had to start from scratch, with little steps like anyone else. While they were looking around their property in the Vienna Woods, they found hundreds of different herbs and medicinal plants, which Nadia Rivelles, the co-founder, suddenly started to use for her first handmade organic cosmetic products, blended in her own regular kitchen blender. She always had a strong bound to the nature and its treassures, therefore she already knew a lot about herbs and organic vegan nutrition. After giving birth, she started to learn and get even more into knowing what ingredients should be used for different body care-, facial care products and shampoos.

She even studied tons of books about medical plants, handmade cosmetic and apothecary literature as well as got in touch with experts from this industry for over 2 years, just to produce her high-end first salves and creams in her own kitchen. These were tested on friends and family members, in fact rivelles cosmetics has been sold since 2013 but the idea of rivelles has been born already a bit earlier. Well any good product, needs a proper portion of patience, love and knowledge to make it successful, like her vegan organic cosmetic line, which is one of the first made in Austria.

rivelles - brokkoli silky conditioner 26.00 €

Nowadays rivelles is still handmade but filled up at their own little factory in Götzwiesen, which is also located in the Vienna Woods, where they use organic plastic packaging, which are produced in Europe. The brown packaging contains wood chips, which are produced from waste of the wood industry. What might be interesting for some of you (vegans and earth lovers) is, that this packaging reduces up to 50% oil, which is used in most other common packaging all around the globe.

The rivelles flagship-store in Linz has been opened by her mother back in June 2016 and I've been really positively surprised by the modern unique design of the product placement on their own carton shelves, which reminds me strong on paper furniture as well as diy projects - very clever, recycling friendly and ecological.

Her stepfather, a sales person by heart, has served me and gave me a lot informations about rivelles cosmetics, while I've been browsing through the whole sortiment of lotions, shampoos, eye creams and their sunprotection. 

As a customer you can feel the warmth and passion of Rivelles family, as they all were involved from the birth of rivelles cosmetics, the brand is like their own second child. These products don't contain any kind of: silicones, parabenes or chemicals, which could have an effect on your own hormones.

Vegans will love the wide selection of palm oil-, bee wax -, propolis-, keratin- and lanolin free products, filled with herbs and plants, which are grown for decades in the Vienna Woods, one of Europeans biggest deciduous forests, and changed into vegan organic handmade cosmetics by family Rivelles.

All products can be bought in the flagship store in Linz/Upper Austria (here) or through their own official webshop.

I've tried a bunch of different organic and handmade products from all around the world, and will try further ones, but rivelles awakes a bit more personal and familiar view on handmade organic products to me, as I've visited their flagship-store and also speak to her stepfather, which gives all of us (tell me if you don't think so:)) a special moment and thinking about the product itself, as it makes it more authentic, than just order or buy a product online or from the shelves.


Thursday, 6 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've received to test and try out the two limited edition brandnew MAC Chromat lipsticks for different makeup looks as well as to show you how both look like in real:

Now both have a different texture and lasting on your lips, while "#Shockvalue"* (which is the vibrant blue one) is an amplified lipstick, that means, it is highly pigmented and gives you a longlasting finish, the "Augmented Reality"* (the intensive candy red shade) is a matte lipstick, which could tend to dry out your lips, if you're not using a lipbalm before applying or if you tend just to use any kind of matte lipsticks. 

MAC "Augmented Reality"* matte lipstick - 21.00 € 

But I have to say, that "Augmented Reality"* belongs to my fav' red lipsticks this month! I love the matte finish, I always wear a lipbalm before and use a transluscent lip liner, which prevends, that the color runs out of its place, after having some drinks or wearing it for a longer time, it really works well while using a lip liner! I would recommend this shade to very pale or pale skin tones like me, as it creates gorgeous bold but not too dark or shiny lips. I'm sure, that it will look even nice on a very dark face.

MAC "#Shockvalue"* amplified lipstick - 21.00€

"#Shockvalue"* the vibrant blue lipstick (honestly need to think all the time on the Smurfs while applying it:)) It comes with an unique pigmentation, it's definitely a shade for the brave ones under all of us. I can really imagine, that it must look awesome on really dark skin, it could give the whole makeup a nice pop up and show the fullest beauty of your full lips. For an extra chromat look I'd wear it in combination with MAC's fluidline in the shade "Aeros Blue", which is a bright metallic blue eyeliner, also limited edition from the MAC Chromat collection, perfect for brown eyes or green eyes. For blue eyes like mine, I'd use instead a fluidline in the shade "Brassy", available all time, which creates a cooper finish, perfect in combination with the "#Shockvalue"* to create a beach look, which could even soften up the dramatic vibrance of the lipstick itself.

All in all I felt in love with the matte lipstick called "Augmented Reality"*, which I'll continue to wear over the next weeks as well as the gorgeous metallic dark blue packaging of these limited edition "Chromat" lipsticks. I'm actually not sure how often I'll use "#Shockvalue"*, as it's even for me to bright:) But I'll try to create some more looks with both!

Now I wouldn't recommend both shades to thin lips, to show the full of these products you definitely need to have fuller lips, as it makes them even fuller. Otherwise it would make your thin lips look even thinner! 

How about you?! Did you've already tried them out or which one would be your fav'?!