Thursday, 6 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've received to test and try out the two limited edition brandnew MAC Chromat lipsticks for different makeup looks as well as to show you how both look like in real:

Now both have a different texture and lasting on your lips, while "#Shockvalue"* (which is the vibrant blue one) is an amplified lipstick, that means, it is highly pigmented and gives you a longlasting finish, the "Augmented Reality"* (the intensive candy red shade) is a matte lipstick, which could tend to dry out your lips, if you're not using a lipbalm before applying or if you tend just to use any kind of matte lipsticks. 

MAC "Augmented Reality"* matte lipstick - 21.00 € 

But I have to say, that "Augmented Reality"* belongs to my fav' red lipsticks this month! I love the matte finish, I always wear a lipbalm before and use a transluscent lip liner, which prevends, that the color runs out of its place, after having some drinks or wearing it for a longer time, it really works well while using a lip liner! I would recommend this shade to very pale or pale skin tones like me, as it creates gorgeous bold but not too dark or shiny lips. I'm sure, that it will look even nice on a very dark face.

MAC "#Shockvalue"* amplified lipstick - 21.00€

"#Shockvalue"* the vibrant blue lipstick (honestly need to think all the time on the Smurfs while applying it:)) It comes with an unique pigmentation, it's definitely a shade for the brave ones under all of us. I can really imagine, that it must look awesome on really dark skin, it could give the whole makeup a nice pop up and show the fullest beauty of your full lips. For an extra chromat look I'd wear it in combination with MAC's fluidline in the shade "Aeros Blue", which is a bright metallic blue eyeliner, also limited edition from the MAC Chromat collection, perfect for brown eyes or green eyes. For blue eyes like mine, I'd use instead a fluidline in the shade "Brassy", available all time, which creates a cooper finish, perfect in combination with the "#Shockvalue"* to create a beach look, which could even soften up the dramatic vibrance of the lipstick itself.

All in all I felt in love with the matte lipstick called "Augmented Reality"*, which I'll continue to wear over the next weeks as well as the gorgeous metallic dark blue packaging of these limited edition "Chromat" lipsticks. I'm actually not sure how often I'll use "#Shockvalue"*, as it's even for me to bright:) But I'll try to create some more looks with both!

Now I wouldn't recommend both shades to thin lips, to show the full of these products you definitely need to have fuller lips, as it makes them even fuller. Otherwise it would make your thin lips look even thinner! 

How about you?! Did you've already tried them out or which one would be your fav'?!


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