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Hi guys,

today I'd like to share with you my first impressions from the official rivelles flagship store in Linz/Upper Austria, which has been opened by the mother of Nadia Rivelles, the owner and founder of rivelles.

rivelles is a vegan organic handmade cosmetic brand, founded by a young family (Nadia, her partner and their sweet little daughter) in the Vienna Woods, which reminds truly on a fairy tale.

Nadia Rivelles and her partner Mario Kiener (a photograph) moved with their little daughter , after years of travelling, to the Vienna Woods, where they bought an overgrown property, which gave them finally, beside the idyllic family home, the idea to produce vegan organic cosmetics.

rivelles  - Kids Shampoo 16.00 €

But as it's not really a fairytale, they had to start from scratch, with little steps like anyone else. While they were looking around their property in the Vienna Woods, they found hundreds of different herbs and medicinal plants, which Nadia Rivelles, the co-founder, suddenly started to use for her first handmade organic cosmetic products, blended in her own regular kitchen blender. She always had a strong bound to the nature and its treassures, therefore she already knew a lot about herbs and organic vegan nutrition. After giving birth, she started to learn and get even more into knowing what ingredients should be used for different body care-, facial care products and shampoos.

She even studied tons of books about medical plants, handmade cosmetic and apothecary literature as well as got in touch with experts from this industry for over 2 years, just to produce her high-end first salves and creams in her own kitchen. These were tested on friends and family members, in fact rivelles cosmetics has been sold since 2013 but the idea of rivelles has been born already a bit earlier. Well any good product, needs a proper portion of patience, love and knowledge to make it successful, like her vegan organic cosmetic line, which is one of the first made in Austria.

rivelles - brokkoli silky conditioner 26.00 €

Nowadays rivelles is still handmade but filled up at their own little factory in Götzwiesen, which is also located in the Vienna Woods, where they use organic plastic packaging, which are produced in Europe. The brown packaging contains wood chips, which are produced from waste of the wood industry. What might be interesting for some of you (vegans and earth lovers) is, that this packaging reduces up to 50% oil, which is used in most other common packaging all around the globe.

The rivelles flagship-store in Linz has been opened by her mother back in June 2016 and I've been really positively surprised by the modern unique design of the product placement on their own carton shelves, which reminds me strong on paper furniture as well as diy projects - very clever, recycling friendly and ecological.

Her stepfather, a sales person by heart, has served me and gave me a lot informations about rivelles cosmetics, while I've been browsing through the whole sortiment of lotions, shampoos, eye creams and their sunprotection. 

As a customer you can feel the warmth and passion of Rivelles family, as they all were involved from the birth of rivelles cosmetics, the brand is like their own second child. These products don't contain any kind of: silicones, parabenes or chemicals, which could have an effect on your own hormones.

Vegans will love the wide selection of palm oil-, bee wax -, propolis-, keratin- and lanolin free products, filled with herbs and plants, which are grown for decades in the Vienna Woods, one of Europeans biggest deciduous forests, and changed into vegan organic handmade cosmetics by family Rivelles.

All products can be bought in the flagship store in Linz/Upper Austria (here) or through their own official webshop.

I've tried a bunch of different organic and handmade products from all around the world, and will try further ones, but rivelles awakes a bit more personal and familiar view on handmade organic products to me, as I've visited their flagship-store and also speak to her stepfather, which gives all of us (tell me if you don't think so:)) a special moment and thinking about the product itself, as it makes it more authentic, than just order or buy a product online or from the shelves.


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