Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Hi guys,

during the spring and summer months I tend to make a proper body peeling weekly, just in case to avoid or reduce dry skin on my feets, legs or arms. Recently I've tried out the "Rose" body scrub* by Urtekram, which contains himalaya salt, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil, rose flower extract, rose geranium oil and vitamine E. The mio. years old himalaya salt is full of minerals, which your skin needs and maybe you don't know it yet:)!

In fact the broccoli seed oil keeps your skin looking young! Yes, it's really a natural anti-aging product, which keeps your whole body skin hydrated (due to essential fatty acids), protected (protects your skin against environmental stressors), nourished (due to, that it contains a lot vitamin C and other nutrients like vitamin K) and it's simply a natural source of retinol (due to vitamine A, a natural exfoliator), which also calms or soothes down your sun irritated or dry skin (arachidonic acids).

All in all I just love the beautiful rose scent, which covers my whole body while taking a scrub. Also found, that the himalaya salt hasn't been so harsh, like for example sea salt, as I've tried in the past some other sea salt scrubs and they most of the time have burnt on my skin, due to, that I've normal to sensitive skin it has always quite irritated my legs or arms but the Rose himalaya salt body scrub* as it contains himalaya salt as well as a lot of different oils really hasn't left a burning coat! I really enjoy applying it and have just a quarter left in my bottle (after a month using it!) 

If you're searching for an organic natural product, which is vegan proofed, cruelty free as well as Eco certified plus you're a fan of rose scented body care products than this scrub might be worth to try out on your body! It comes in a 450g glass jar (glass packaging makes a product always looking and feeling more high-end) and can be used for up to 3 months after opening, which won't last you anyway, if you're getting addicted like me!:)


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