Friday, 14 July 2017


Hi guys,

this is a post, I wanted to post for a pretty long time, but as I've had to visit Vienna to try some of the pages inside this pretty fun illustrated book called "Mach's in Wien/Make it in Vienna"*, it took quite a while.

It's completely illustrated by Wald + Schwert, an illustrator and graphic designer came together and created a creative book collection together with Marco Polo, one of the biggest travel guide brands in Germany/Austria as well as Switzerland.

Wald + Schwert's - "Mach's In Wien/Make it in Vienna"* 11.00 €

"Mach's In Wien/Make it in Vienna"* made my short stay in Vienna to an extraordinary experience! While waiting on the tram or enjoying a cup of delicious iced latte I have drawn inside the book and let my inner child become awake (like if it wouldn't be any other day:)) and suddently Vienna looked so magical like never before!

Beside Vienna you could go for a short trip to Berlin, Dresden & Co. to get your own creativity back, if you get a bit too serious during the last weeks or years!:) Try to never ever loose your inner child completely, it would let a huge part of you die!:)


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