Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Hi guys,

as I'm typing this post, I've to think constantly on the natural peppermint and spearmint flavor, no artificial colorings, flavours or sugars! I mean we all know, that Birch Sugar (Xylithol) is the healthier way to sweeten up your daily coffee, porridge or while enjoying to chew a chewing gum - in fact most gum brands already use Xylithol but still add extra artifical sweeteners, which make each gum less healthy than just stay safely with 1 natural sweetener - like Chewsy.

Founder, Sunitt, had a simple idea - due to his own bad consumer experience, while chewing regular gum, which he bought at a grocery store and got really bad headaches caused by artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives he started to think about a healthier chewing gum version and that was the birth of Chewsy (for the whole story check out their own page here).

These little square gum cubes, aren't just almost the same in consistency like regular chewing gums (as they contain Gum Arabic & Chicle Gum Base) but they also don't "melt" in your mouth. Ok I know, you might have lifted up right now one (or two) of your eyebrow(s), but I've already made this unpleasant experience while chewing a bit longer time on a regular chewing gum as well as on another organic gum (which I won't mention now) - both absorbed after that time and become liquid. As Chewsy just contain 5 natural ingredients I was in the first time a bit worried, that maybe the texture as well as the longterm chew could turn into a nightmare - but NOPE! The "chew texture" is pretty much the same like by other non-natural chewing gums and they DON'T MELT:)!!!!

5 natural Ingredients - that's inside Chewsy (Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon):

Xylitol (came from birch trees)
Chicle Gum Base (came from Sapodilla trees)
Gum Arabic (came from Acacia trees)
Sunflower Lecithin (came from sunflower plants)
Natural Flavour (came from Spearmint/Peppermint/Lemon plant)

The Peppermint ones are my fav', as they taste like my beloved cup of fresh brewed peppermint leaf tea. Of course Spearmint tastes as well quite good, but still Peppermint stays my fav' one. They also offer a citrusy version called "Lemon, which I've not tried out yet - maybe some of you could let me know in the comments below, whether or how you like the citrus version of Chewsy?!

Chewsy can be bought at at the main online-shop (here), Planet Organic stores/online shop (here) or check out your local groceries / healthy food independent stores, if you live around the UK - where you might find them too!:)

I love my teeth and therefore I try to take care of them as much as possible! - I was super excited to get the opportunity to test out and review Chewsy for you guys, as they aren't just 100% natural, biodegradable but most of all they are gentle, take care of my teeth and leave a fresh breath!

The only disadvantage (which could be solved by time), that they aren't available all over Europe in local organic/independent stores or cafes - as I'm sure, that they would become beloved by many others in a very short time!:)


Monday, 28 August 2017


Hi guys,

it's actually late summer, we are starting to think about our Autumn wardrobe, makeup looks etc. but for now, it's still summer, usually still pretty warm or humid - which let us SWEAT! That's natural, but not to let us feel uncomfortable while appyling in the morning our makeup. Therefore I've though to show you my go to products, while humid or hot days:

I start with a primer, this one I got recently and it's the new Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* by Smashbox, which is pretty handy and comfortable to apply and to wear while humid and hot days, as it leaves my skin moisturized and mattified! 

After I apply a concealer or a mineral powder by GOSH cosmetics in the shade: 002 (that's why I've not shown the concealer on this pic, but usually I use Catric cosmetics liquid camouflage concealer in Porcelain!), that ensures to not get greasy over the whole day. 

In the next step I apply a bronzer, the Lyster Cream Bronzer is one of my fav' but honestly there are other great bronzers (I could make a post of my fav' soon if you want too:)). I usually apply it on my cheekbones, forehead and nose area and finish it off with a light 2nd coat of GOSH cosmetics mineral powder.

Second step of my "bronzing routine" is, that I'm usually applying the bronzer on my eyelids (but just very light) and add a copper eyeliner on my upper lid (currently using Catrice Cosmetics eye pencil in the shade: 250 copper cat).

After I "brush" and apply some of my eyebrow pencil to my brows (currently the BROWttitude eyebrow designer in the shade: 220 hazelnut by L.O.V. makeup). Apply 1-2 coats of black mascara on my upper lashes (I'm not using a curler! and I'm currently using the Supreme Lash Volume Colourist mascara by Manhattan cosmetics).  

Last but not least I like to apply some tinted lip balm, while working days where I don't have enough time to concentrate to keep my red lips clean and perfect or while other situations (you know what I mean:)). And Weleda's tinted lip balm in the shade: Rose is perfect to give the needed moisture as well as lovely pale rose lips!

The result - a clean natural no-makeup look - with a bit bronze touch on my super pale face (sorry I do look a bit overworked here - after 5 days work!)


Sunday, 27 August 2017


Hi Guys,

as you might already know, I'm seriously taking care on my 2nd original teeth (yep I've no fake ones yet) and so I'm always searching for new fluoride free or organic toothpastes. Now let me tell you, these SPLAT professional toothpastes aren't organic but at least one of them is fluoride-free. 

SPLAT is a tooth care brand from Russia, but it is selled all over Europe especially in the UK, but I got mine at a dm drugstore in Prague (Czech Republic):).


Let me first talk about SPLAT Biocalcium toothpaste, which I've not tried much out yet, as I'm currently already using 2 toothpastes (Urtekram Aloe Vera toothpaste and SPLAT Medical Herbs) therefore I'll start use it properly after my Urtekram one will be used completely.

But it's a white non-translucent toothpaste, which has a light minty flavour and its free from: Sles, Triclosan, Chlorhexidine, Fluoride and synthetic colourants. I'd say it's a pretty damn good toothfriendly toothpaste!:)

Which contains Hydroxyapatite, which is a building component of our tooth enamel and helps to strength up your teeth as well as to reduce super sensitivity of your enamel and gum.

Calcium Lactate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydroxyapatite, PVP, Fish Oil and Papaya Enzyme are the main power ingredients to prevend nasty dental plaque, as well as give an extra portion of enamel restoration and slightly whiter teeth without hurting your enamel or be too harsh to your gum.

So perfect toothpaste for all coffee/tea drinker, vegetarians and people who haven't enough calcium to prevend tooth damage over years!


Moving to the SPLAT Medical Herbs toothpaste, which I've actually used a lot over this month. This toothpaste is translucent (I call it "Shrek green":) but the main name for its color is "emerald") and has a strong herbal mint flavour - so if you're not a fan of strong "toothpaste taste" don't go for it but if you prefer (like me) a fresh clean breathe - you should definitely try this herbal toothpaste out! It contains 0.1% of fluoride but is free from: sugar, triclosan, chlorhexidine and soluble phosphates.

Extracts of sage, camomile and hawthorn keeps your gum healthy and gives you a proper tooth care. It also contains calcium (made from eggshells), which re-mineralize and gives your enamel the needed strength. The included essential oils and medical herb extracts are not just keeping your gums healthy but they have also an effect on your whole body! Due to its antibacterial properties, they provide long-term breath freshness, revitalise oral tissues and prevent the growth of malignant bacteria, which ensure your mouth an healthy oral microflora.

SPLAT Biocalcium toothpaste (fluoride-free) & Medical Herbst toothpaste (0.1% fluoride) £3.75 /each

And don't forget to mention, that both contain the SPLAT "White System", which gently whitens up your teeth as well as polishes your enamel for a brilliant photo smile - well I have already recognize a slightly bit lighter look of my teeth (check it out on my Instagram & don't forget to follow me there if you like what I'm doing:))!


Friday, 25 August 2017


Hi guys,

another week is gone, and another weekend comes!:) Therefore I'd love to show you a bit of the Sicily Picture Book* by Dumont Geo Saison, which comes with incredible pictures - I almost get travel sick again!:

 Dumont Geo Saison - Sicily Picture Book* 25.70 € (184 photo pages)

Fresh handpicked lemons, gelato/ice cream, pizza and cappuccino.... all are signs for Italy (and for someone like me, who has seen just a tiny little bit of San Remo!) but you'll find a lot more there - especially in Sicily! Where late antique mosaics meet cathedrals from around 1085 (like Salerno Cathedral) or sicilian baroque architecture. Hidden gardens around the cathedrals as well as small streets which will guide each visitor to the beach, small markets or to a local museum.

Over the last 3000 years Sicily has create its own look, due to, that it has been ruled by: 

Greek, Vandals (East Germanic Tribe), Ostrogoths (somewhere from the Baltic Sea), German kings Hohenstaufen, House of Habsburg (Austrian Monarchy), Capetian House of Anjou (foundet by the youngest son of Louis VIII of France), House of Bourbon (French Origin). It become part of Italy in 1860 but turned to an autonomous region later, after the Italian constitutional referendum.

The mediterranean island, with its blue salty sea water and its embossed volcanic nature, has an unique flair and a wide selection of fresh mediterranean cuisine. It's truly one of the most beautiful and exciting islands around Italy!

Have you ever been in Sicily or are you planing to go there soon?! - Check out the Sicily Picture Book*, as it's a great "planner", to actually plan your next trip there and it also inspires you to visit its hidden places, hotspots and contains a lot historical informations about Sicily itself. Simply said - it's the perfect pre-guide for Sicily or just for day dreaming on cozy late Summer weekends!:)


Sunday, 20 August 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've been trying out and using the new Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* by Smashbox, which prevends to get oily skin for about 12h while wearing your fav' makeup, as well as it keeps my facial skin moisturized (that means that this primer is great for dry skin types too!:)).

Smashbox - Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* 36.00 €

(psssst ignore the mass on my clothes butler....)

I keep my daily makeup quite natural (almost non-visible except the eyeliner and mascara) - usually I apply the primer*, a concealer (currently by Catrice cosmetics in the shade - porcelain), a bronzer for my cheeks/upper head and nose area (mixed elf cosmetics bronzer with the creamy bronzer by Manasi Makeup), a lipbalm (translucent), a liquid black eyeliner (douglas makeup), a black mascara (manhattan cosmetics),  some beige shimmer eyeshadow and last but not least a eyebrow brush to put my brows into the right shape and into the right place!:)

The Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* is even perfect while beeing on the road (a short business trip or vacation) as the size is quite handy as well as I really love that you can wear it without using any facial cream before - the creamy dry texture itself is quite unique. Never had such a primer before. Actually I've used quite a lot different primers in the past. I've even tried out the Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light by Smashbox, which I didn't really like and probably that was the reason why I stopped using completely any primer (no matter which brand) before I continued my concealer/foundation routine. That might have changed a bit since I've been trying out and still using the new Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick* - which will definitely stay on my makeup table and will be used daily for a while!


Saturday, 12 August 2017


Hi guys,

there are a mio. reasons why to choose a more natural makeup, eyeshadow and lipstick but quite a lot of time I still prefer the regular non-organic natural one. There's a specific reason, why I've never liked natural lipsticks, 'cause most of the time they were too glossy, non-lasting and feeling weird on my lips - I simply didn't liked to wear them. Nowadays you find much more natural and organic makeup brands and some of their lipsticks seem to be renewed and feel much more natural like a regular lipstick on your lips (if you know what I mean?!).

The last time I went to Müller (a drugstore located in Austria, Germany, Spain etc.) I also visited the organic cosmetic corner (as I had to re-buy my beloved Dr. Bronner 18 in 1 soap, as I already run out AGAIN!:)) where I've found this lipstick from Terra Naturi, one of their own natural cosmetic lines in the shade "05 Red Berry" - which is a lovely rose berry shade with a middle coverage.

Terra Naturi lipstick (05 Red Berry) - 2.95€

This lipstick isn't just freakin' cheap (2.95€ in total!!!!) but also quite long-lasting (while drinking something, not eating!) and a great alternative to a lip gloss, which you might know I hate a lot. As I personally prefer classic lipsticks or lip pencils instead of these nasty lip gloss and lip glazes, due to its sticky and non-practical habit to stick together with my hair during stormy days, where wind is blowing into my face. This shade is so classy and creamy but still modern, simply timeless and perfect for a day and night makeup.

Have you tried already one of Terra Naturi makeup products or do you even know this brand?!


Thursday, 10 August 2017


Hi guys,

since quite a while I've been reading a lot of travel guides, books about specific places, which I'd like to see and visit or visit them again and especially New York, where I actually always felt really home and got a big place in my heart. I've been there already twice, have seen Brooklyn, Coney Island with its vintage styled wooden stores and restaurants as well as I've seen already whole Manhattan (Upper East Side, China Town, Wall Street, etc.) but still haven't seen every corner of this breathtaking place on earth, not even Harlem, Queens or Bronx.

Recently I got some of the latest GEO SAISON picture books from Dumont, which are full of high quality pictures and informations/interesting facts about each destination and place on each page in the shortest and most invisible form as possible. 

For all of you, who have never seen New York or weren't there yet but would like to plan a trip - this book could be the right one, to get addicted to NYC's architecture, food, people and its unique atmosphere! It's a great book for weekend readings as well as to browse after a long day at work or while a study break.

GEO SAISON - "New York" picture book* 26.99€ (here)

Each GEO SAISON picture book look really unique, the texts almost merge with each photo as well as each book includes a few fold-up pages, which aren't just popular by kids but also by adults (at least I get as much excited as a kid would:)!).

If you're planing a trip simply visit the official NYC guide (here), I Love NY (here) &  the official Time Out NY page (here)

Have you already read one of GEO SAISON picture books?! What about you? - is New York maybe one of your fav' cities on earth too:)?!