Saturday, 12 August 2017


Hi guys,

there are a mio. reasons why to choose a more natural makeup, eyeshadow and lipstick but quite a lot of time I still prefer the regular non-organic natural one. There's a specific reason, why I've never liked natural lipsticks, 'cause most of the time they were too glossy, non-lasting and feeling weird on my lips - I simply didn't liked to wear them. Nowadays you find much more natural and organic makeup brands and some of their lipsticks seem to be renewed and feel much more natural like a regular lipstick on your lips (if you know what I mean?!).

The last time I went to Müller (a drugstore located in Austria, Germany, Spain etc.) I also visited the organic cosmetic corner (as I had to re-buy my beloved Dr. Bronner 18 in 1 soap, as I already run out AGAIN!:)) where I've found this lipstick from Terra Naturi, one of their own natural cosmetic lines in the shade "05 Red Berry" - which is a lovely rose berry shade with a middle coverage.

Terra Naturi lipstick (05 Red Berry) - 2.95€

This lipstick isn't just freakin' cheap (2.95€ in total!!!!) but also quite long-lasting (while drinking something, not eating!) and a great alternative to a lip gloss, which you might know I hate a lot. As I personally prefer classic lipsticks or lip pencils instead of these nasty lip gloss and lip glazes, due to its sticky and non-practical habit to stick together with my hair during stormy days, where wind is blowing into my face. This shade is so classy and creamy but still modern, simply timeless and perfect for a day and night makeup.

Have you tried already one of Terra Naturi makeup products or do you even know this brand?!


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